twilice zoneWelcome and have a look around to orient yourself so you can feel at home here at Sugar & Spice & Everything Lice.  If you’re going crazy dealing with lice currently, I hope this site offers a little respite so you can take consolation that you’re not alone. We’re all here too.

But if you’ve lived the Lice Experience before, perhaps in retrospect you can find some humor in it and I’d love you to chime in and share.

Never dealt with lice and hope to keep it that way?  We’ll be giving out tips and advice for that as well.

In any event, I’m so glad you found the home of Debra Dè Louse and her madcap shenanigans. Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee/tea,  and see what resonates with you as a parent, as a Lice Survivor, and as a person who strongly shares the sentiment, “You gotta keep your sense of humor. It’s the only way to get through situations like these.”

Lice to Meet You!

Debra Dè Louse