Debra Dè Louse is a mother to six children and has dedicated her life to Lice. She fancies herself to be exceptionally (nit)witty and wants to be your personal parasite confidante. Ms. Dè Louse has designed an amusement park for lice, produced an ongoing Lice series for The Parasite Network Channel, and conducts annual egg hunts throughout her children’s scalps when Easter rolls around.

She has no clue what happened to the top layer of her wedding cake which was saved in her freezer for a 1st anniversary celebration. She suspects her husband ate it but he’s certain she scarfed it down one day when she fell off her diet. They are currently in marriage counseling to settle the matter.

Debra Dè Louse cleans her house before the maid comes over and washes her hair prior to going to the beauty salon. One day when going through old photographs she was appalled to see how her mother dressed her as a child. She’s now planning her mom’s wardrobe for a time when she’s too elderly to shop.

Her favorite Twilight Zone episode is the one where the little girl falls into her bedroom wall.  That’s one way to get rid of lice.  But the best way is to contact Lice Clinics of America!

Stephanie D. Lewis is actually a mother of six and the real voice behind the persona of Debra Dè Louse.  She is a frequent contributor for The Huffington Post  in the comedy section and also has another blog about termites. Just teasing. She blogs about other funny things right  HERE.